We appreciate the many volunteers it takes to help our sales run smoothly. All of our workers are volunteers who have the opportunity to shop FIRST! Volunteering is also lots of fun. 

You, too, may be a My Kidz Stuff volunteer. Volunteers help with setting up racks and tables, with item check in on drop off days, straightening, organizing and customer service on sale days as well as with the item re-sort in preparation for pick up. Husbands may also volunteer! We need men to help with set up, clean up, floor security and helping shoppers with large items during our
My Kidz Stuff Sale.

In order to shop first, you will need to volunteer yourself (or your husband) for 1 volunteer shift. All shifts will be filled by first come, first served.



NOTE:  We don't have the worker schedule completed at this time.  Please check back in a few days. I will also post on the FACEBOOK when I get it finished so you can sign up! 

We have a automated volunteer registration system. 

You do not have to be a consignor to be a worker. On the "Worker Registration" screen click on "Register as a Worker" and fill in the form. Choose your first or last name or initials for your "preferred user ID" and anything you choose for your password. After you "Register as a Worker" then you may choose the shift you wish to work. You are not signed up for a shift until you choose one and receive a confirmation.

The system is very user friendly. Your requests will be responded to via email immediately. You may also "unregister" and/or reregister for a different shift through the system. You do not have to contact Pam or Staci to change your shift.

If you have any problems with the registration system please call
Pam at 785-877-3775 or
Staci at 785-871-0017.
Email:  pam@mykidzstuff.com

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